• Medial communication competence from ideation to emotional impact
  • Ideas, Mottos, Logos, Icons, Visuals, Texting, Storyboard, Future Channel, VR in New Media
  • Regionality versus globalization
  • … to implementation in your company.
  • Take advantage of our experience in personal and corporate culture design.  



  • Your current success ?!
  • Already experienced a lot?
  • Radical changes in society
  • Does AIME tell you something? If it does not , we are looking forward to hearing from you



Readies und Viidies©

Logo Readies

Our c-books (curated books): We prepare curated, up-to-date information about your learning topics in digital form and make them available online.


Logo Viidies

Explanatory how-to videos on selected topics that will be used as an intro, as information and as preparation for the workshop. Designed to motivate oneself to deal with certain topics, to inspire people to take different perspectives, … Pictures speak louder than words and texts!

Storyboards, real Time Comics, Visual, …