Working Session: FEEL Digital©

Digitalization is now permeating almost every area of ​​the economy and our daily lives – living, work, leisure time, science, art, traffic, our communication. The digital transformation is also forcing traditional media such as TV, newspapers and magazines to develop, produce, and market digital resources. „Digital“ has become a key growth driver in many areas / sectors of the economy. Why is that? Many personal and individual aspects of human life today are enriched by digital technologies and applications. Jobs, hobbies, relationships and needs … Digital solutions make it all simpler, more efficient and more individualized – making them part of everyday life like breathing air. It offers enormous potentials. The Internet of Things (IoT), wearables or virtual reality are the „next big thing“. In our economy, digital technologies are the key to optimizing processes, making better use of your own strengths and developing knowledge resources, and expanding business.



Who should attend this Working Session?

  • People who will deal with this topic in the future.
  • People, who want to immerse themselves in the digital world and, within, recognize opportunities for themselves and the company.
  • Those who want to demystify of digitalization and want to make it more tangible and more realistic.
  • People who seek an impetus for their digital creativity and want to derive starting points.
  • People who want to create movement and set processes in motion.


Focus themes


1. Grounding

  • Digitalization barometer – Where do you stand?
  • Publications, studies, evaluation,…
  •  Short “impulse” presentation on digitalization
  •  Stages of digitalization
    • Conversion
    • Transformation
    • Disruption
    • +Examples: Experience digitalization through Virtual Reality


2. Inspiration

  • Vision Impulse-Clip
  • Digitalization exercise with Design Thinking
  • Digital-Impulse

3. Humans and society in digitalization  

  • Dangers and opportunities
  • Roles and jobs of the future – profiles
  • Competencies of the digitalization
  • Exercise digital competencies maps
  • Digital Literacy
  • Cyber humanism
  • Experience digitalization through Virtual Reality

4. Transfer

  • Digital – Live
  • starting points in your own company (Brainstorming)
  • Business Examples
  • procedures
    • knowledge and impetus
    • Ideas and implementation
    • IT as a central enabler


5. Social Dimension

  • Experience digitalization through Virtual Reality

Duration/ How long?
One creative impulse day lasts from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

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749,00€ (per person) plus VAT

Includes: refreshments, snacks, Light Lunch, creative materials

Treat yourself to an inspiring day; stock up on know-how and fresh ideas for the design of your work / your business.

We are looking forward to meeting you!