Business leaders are the key factor in creating the culture of innovation and empowering employees to drive innovation. Therefore, it is your leadership culture and leadership methods that make the Design Thinking process successful.

Who should attend this workshop:

Would you like to understand the rationale behind Design Thinking, get to know the process and learn how Design Thinking impacts leadership?

The „Leading Innovation & User Experience“ format is a learning experience that brings you closer to the core elements of Design Thinking. This is because you go through the whole process of Design Thinking while working on practical challenges. You will also experience the mindset behind Design Thinking and learn its impact on your own personal leadership style.

Structure and focus themes

The workshop lasts one day. To start, a fast-paced exercise allows you to immerse yourself in the Design Thinking approach. After that, you will gain initial experience by working through short scenarios and as a team. In addition, you will get background information about Design Thinking.

Having understood the paradigm shift that Design Thinking will trigger, you will be exposed to collaborative leadership styles. Cooperative leadership supports the necessary thinking for Design Thinking – although at the end of the day it’s all about your personal leadership style. In small teams, you can increase your awareness and possibly rethink your own leadership style in regard to the new approach.

The workshop cycles through the entire design process using a selected professional challenge as an example. Various methods and tools are presented and used at the respective stages of the process. The two-day workshop concludes in a wrap-up session and reflection on your role as team leader, to which you will introduce and implement Design Thinking.

Duration/ How long?
One creative impulse day lasts from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

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949,00€ (per person) plus VAT

Includes: Refreshments, Snacks, Light Lunch, Creative materials

Treat yourself to an inspiring day; stock up on know-how and fresh ideas for the design of your work / your business.

We are looking forward to meeting you.